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Building a Strategic Talent Management Program

Introducing a program that is designed to be taken as a series of developmental experiences throughout the course of a year.  More specifically, this program is focused on helping practitioners assess, enhance or develop a robust talent management program aligned with their organization’s strategy.   The program will combine classroom training with real-life assignments that will allow the participant to learn while also moving their talent management agenda forward.

Who should attend? 

Participants should be HR leaders or HR specialists with responsibility for talent management and organizational development.  In addition, those who would benefit the most are those who have a need to assess, enhance or develop a comprehensive talent management program in line with the organization’s strategic goals.  Preferably, those strategic goals would be established.

Customized to your needs

Prior to the start of the sessions, each participant will meet individually with the facilitator to outline the strategic objectives of their organization, the challenges of their business, and the goals of their talent management program.  This initial meeting will allow the facilitator to customize the program to best suit the participant’s needs and will be scheduled prior to the start of the program.

Workshops – providing the learning framework

Participants will engage in a series of classroom learning that provides the opportunity for skill development to help ensure the success of the participant’s reframing of their talent management agenda.

Real-life application

Participants will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in their respective organizations.   In between sessions, participants will take the lessons from the previous session and apply them directly to their business situation.  In a very short time, the participant and the business will see an impact of their efforts.

Flexible participation

Participants will be able to participate virtually or in person.   The sessions will be designed to allow for active participation across multiple modalities.

Classroom Session 1:  Building Organizational Capabilities – April  2018

In this session, we will discuss how to define the essential organizational capabilities needed in order to achieve the business’s strategic objectives.  We will look at both the current capabilities of the organization as well as identify those that are needed for the future.  In addition, we will also discuss how to address the capability gaps between the current and future state.  As a result of this workshop, participants will be asked to identify, with some subsection of their organization, the organizational capabilities. In addition, they will be asked to create a “development plan” to address the gaps between current and future state.

Classroom Session 2:  Establishing a Competency Model  – June 2018

After the organization’s capabilities have been identified, we will then translate the capabilities into a competency model for both the organization and for leaders.  This competency model will form the foundation for all talent management activities going forward.  Participants will be asked to review their competency model and identify the processes where inclusion of competencies makes the most sense (e.g., leadership development, interviewing, performance management, succession planning).

Classroom Session 3:  Integrating Competencies into Talent Management Processes – September 2018

Session 3 will focus on integrating the competencies identified in Session 2 into talent management processes appropriate to the participant.  Possible topics include interviewing including how to train managers to interview against competencies, onboarding, performance management (including building of rubrics to support the rating process), feedback (360’s and other tools) and development, and leadership development.  Participants will be encouraged to implement competencies into one process prior to the next session.

Classroom Session 4:  Building a Robust Talent Review Process –November 2018

This session will focus on building a talent review process that is focused on differentiating performance from potential, identifying high potentials and experts, and how to develop each type of talent.   This session will focus on building the participant’s knowledge of the basic concepts and will help them define a pilot organization in which to try out the concepts.  That pilot will occur between Session 4 and Session 5.

Classroom Session 5:  Tying it all Together  – January 2019

In this last session, participants will reflect on the progress they have made throughout the past year including where they have been successful and where they have faced challenges.  Participants will also summarize their key learnings and take aways and will put together an action plan specific to the organization to keep the program alive.


Month one

One-on-one meeting with facilitator

Months two, four, seven, nine & eleven

Attend classroom sessions

Months three, five, six, eight & ten

Apply lessons

Pricing per session (includes session and individual coaching)

Attendees (from same org) 1-2 3-5
Member $750/ea $650/ea
Non-Member $850/ea $750/ea

*$350 discount for registering for all five sessions.

To register, contact Sandra Howard at sandra.howard@hrconnection.net or 612-925-8340.


About the instructor:

Michelle Weitzman-Garcia is a seasoned talent management consultant specializing in bringing practical, business-oriented solutions to the companies with whom she works.  In particular Michelle focuses on building integrated talent management systems, executive coaching, and individual assessment work (both pre-hire and developmental).  Additionally, Michelle has a passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise with HR professionals and frequently mentors and coaches them in the use of talent management tools.

Michelle has worked for both consulting groups and for large corporations which has allowed her to understand business problems from both the internal practitioner’s standpoint as well as from a consultant’s viewpoint.  Most recently she was the Executive Director, Workforce Development at Regeneron Pharmaceutical.  In her role there, she had responsibility for branding, culture, pre-hire assessments, talent management, leadership development, organizational development, and diversity and inclusion.  Prior to that, Michelle was the Managing Director of Lominger Consulting where she supported clients and other Korn/Ferry employees in both the US and South America.  She has also worked for Sirota Consulting, an employee opinion survey consulting company and Aon Consulting in their HR consulting practice.

In addition, Michelle worked at American Express, as the Director of Assessment and Selection and IBM where she served in both a line HR job and as an internal survey expert.

Michelle received both her Master’s and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Akron.   She has a BA in Psychology from Boston College.