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March Best Practice Exchange

 Second Chance Hiring = Inclusion, Equity, Less Unemployment   Presented by Tim Owens (Co-Founder & President of The Redemption Project), Joshua Hedquist (Board Member and Mentor at The Redemption Project), and Daniel Campbell (Redemption Project Recipient)

 Wednesday, March 24     8:00 – 9:30 a.m.   – Virtual

Formerly incarcerated people are unemployed at a rate nearly 5 times higher* than that of the U.S. general population. Given our culture and the hiring stigma often associated with former felons, that piece of information probably doesn’t surprise you. Sadly, this likely won’t either: Black men and women (ages 35-44) experience the highest rates of unemployment amongst those formerly incarcerated.

Events of the past 12 months have propelled many businesses and organizations throughout our country to rethink their policies and practices in order to become more inclusive and equitable working environments for people of color. Second Chance Hiring (hiring those with criminal records) can be a powerful action step to help businesses and organizations accomplish these efforts while reducing unemployment.

We have an exciting panel lined up that will provide a compelling success story while introducing you to an organization dedicated to reducing recidivism rates.

Joining us will be:

  • Tim Owens, Co-founder and President of The Redemption Project. The Redemption Project an organization that partners with employers to provide inmates with mentoring opportunities while incarcerated and meaningful employment when released.  Tim’s interest in re-entry issues and reducing recidivism stems from his own incarceration in federal prison from July of 2016 until September of 2017, having pled guilty to one count of obstruction of justice.  Previously Tim was President of CEO of Voyager Financial Services Corporation and Chairman and CEO of Voyager Bank.
  • Joshua Hedquist, Board Member and Mentor at the Redemption Project.  Joshua has been a chef for over 25 years. He has successfully held multiple executive chef positions for renowned restaurants throughout the Twin Cities and South Florida. Joshua, having had contact with the criminal justice system himself as a young man, knows firsthand the difference meaningful employment can make.
  • Daniel Campbell, inmate and Redemption Project participant. Daniel fell into the gang lifestyle in his early teens. He rose to become a leader in his gang which led him to a life in federal prison on drug related charges. In 2018, Daniel made the commitment to turn his life around and entered the program being offered at the federal prison in Rochester Minnesota by The Redemption Project. Prison officials discouraged staff at The Redemption Project from accepting Daniel into the program feeling he would disrupt the program for all of the participants. Daniel was not only accepted, he is the only individual to ever score 100% on his final exam with TRP, became a teaching assistant for future cohorts, and has relocated to the Twin Cities to work for his mentor, Joshua Hedquist. Daniel believes the program has given him new opportunities that he would not otherwise have had and has become an ambassador for The Redemption Project.

Fee to attend:   Best Practice Exchanges are free to hr connection members and their guests.  Non-members: $49.00.

To attend, contact Sandra Howard at Sandra.Howard@hrconnection.net