Sample Projects

Examples of hr connection’s consulting and contract work:

  • Provided consulting support to help facilitate the development of an innovative culture in a mid-sized manufacturing organization.
  • Partnered with a mid-sized service organization to identify competencies, and then used the new competency framework to evaluate jobs and design/deliver leadership training.
  • Facilitated a competency selection process and redesign of performance management processes and tools in an airline-related industry.
  • Assessed the talent management process in large public sector organization, together with providing research on talent management best practices and creating a road map to fill in gaps.
  • Facilitated process mapping and large-scale change management support to Fortune 500 organization divesting from parent company.
  • Completed organization assessment that included employee interviews, facilitation of focus groups, and policy/practice review to develop a strategy to attract and retain top talent in the restaurant business.
  • Partnered with the CEO of a large non-profit organization to complete an assessment of the HR department’s processes, systems and people.
  • Tailor-designed and delivered ethics training in a small high-tech company.
  • Provided union avoidance consulting and training in mid-sized company in the food industry.
  • Facilitated strategic planning session for a division within a large manufacturing company.
  • Designed and delivered leadership modules for Operations Leadership in large manufacturing company.
  • Designed and delivered two consecutive global leadership conferences in mid-sized organization in the food industry.
  • Provided interim HR and recruiting support in a variety of organizations.
  • Provided coaching for business and HR leaders in a variety of organizations.