Our Story

HR professionals have an unprecedented opportunity to contribute to the success of their organizations. Talent has become the raw material for success in the global marketplace.  Whether your product is manufactured, printed, programmed, or grown, human resources are the most important line item inyour company’s recipe for success.

hr connection is an organization that is built exclusively for HR professionals who identify, grow, and retain the talent of your organization.  The company was founded in 1995 by Bob Bemel who had a vision for connecting HR leaders for their personal and professional growth.

Since 2004, Sue Bergstrom has led the organization to growth in membership and services offered.  The company has members from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  But most importantly, Sue has fostered the culture of helping and excellence that was the essence of hr connection when it first opened its doors.

The company now has over 200 small group members who typically meet on a monthly basis.  Social media and the Internet supplement table and chairs to enhance the experience for members.  hr connection has developed a recipe for success that combines the energy of face-to-face meetings together with the real-time connectivity of on-line collaboration tools.