hrUniversity: Providing Specialized Human Resources Training

hrUniversity delivers specialized human resources training and seminar offerings in our Minneapolis location, and other nearby locations, that are tailored to the needs of our members. We look for speakers who have specific expertise in functional and strategic topics. Several times a year, we gather together as a larger community to learn from and interact with experts.

Human Resources Training Program Highlights

hrUniversity offers a structured learning environment for participants. Practitioners of human resources are able to learn through broad strategic insight and the wisdom offered by other successful practitioners.

Strategic Human Resources Training

The topics offered at hrUniversity cover the scope of what HR professionals need to enhance their practices and procedures when encountering HR tasks and challenges.

Aimed Toward the Senior HR Audience

HR leaders such as HR vice presidents, directors, managers, and other top HR leaders in Minneapolis and beyond can benefit greatly from the seminar information provided through hrUniversity.

C-Suite Presenters and Noted Consultants

In order to provide the highest level of content and practical knowledge to participants, we acquire the best in the industry speakers to disperse their knowledge to HR professionals.

Equal Organizational Level Participation

We maximize the value of the hrUniversity learning environment by ensuring participants are in groups with others in an equivalent-organizational level. This ensures that the information provided during the sessions and ongoing interaction between participants following the session is the most relevant and as effective as possible.

We are committed to providing the extensive human resources training HR leaders and other professionals need to see their business’s achieve greater efficiency and results.

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Program Highlights:

  • Topics are more strategic than technical in nature
  • Seminars aimed towards a senior HR audience
  • C-suite presenters along with noted consultants
  • Participants attend with others who are at their own organizational level