hrGroups Overview

hrGroups goes beyond networking to provide an experience that is more personal, focused, and confidential in nature—one which promotes trust, meaningful dialogue and mutual support. We focus on helping HR professionals in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas enhance their companies’ human resources capabilities to drive business results.

Our hrGroups Meetings and HR Roundtable Discussions

HR roundtable groups convene monthly for facilitated meetings to discuss relevant, leading-edge topics, share real-time issues, and receive counsel or resources from each other. Groups set their own agenda and deal with issues of the moment using their own experiences and tools as well as occasionally inviting outside experts to provoke further thought.

Our HR Small Group Members

Membership is limited to internal HR practitioners – progressive thinkers with a variety of experiences. Many members are HR Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers, but hr connection also offers specialty HR roundtable groups for functional specialists.

hrGroups Assignments

While members come from organizations of all types and sizes, each new member is interviewed and thoughtfully assigned to a group of individuals with similar experience, accountability and challenges. Since 1991, hr connection® has assigned new members to an HR roundtable group where they can both receive and add value; now with more than 20 groups of HR practitioners and growing.